The Kakun Sleep Ecosystem was born from our personal search for genuinely natural bedding products that would give us a better, healthier sleep.

When we created the Kakun Ecosystem, we recognized that quality sleep is a major factor for health and wellbeing, so we curated a collection of products that improve sleep without harming you and the environment. With our 25 years of combined experience in the mattress industry, and after listening to customers’ sleep issues, we introduced The Kakun body pillow. This, along with a Kakun mattress cover, topper, head pillow, and comforter, we believe completes the ideal Ecosystem for the healthiest sleep possible.

Our goal was to help as many people as possible. This suite of sleep products is the result of our commitment and passion to solve sleep challenges by using only wholesome natural materials, and forward-thinking design, without relying solely on the mattress as the solution.

We don’t just sell Kakun to our customers, we use Kakun at home and while we travel (yes, we are those people). Our families use Kakun too, and we believe that each piece of this system is absolutely essential to getting the highest quality sleep. We can’t wait for you to share in the experience as well.

Why we do it

At Kakun, we are committed to bringing you products that last, made from materials that do no harm.

The Kakun Sleep Ecosystem is designed to be durable using only ethically sourced, natural components that help break the cycle of consumption and disposal. Our goal was to produce premium quality sleep solutions that do no harm to you, the environment, or those who manufacture Kakun. We want you to feel good while you sleep, as good as we feel about making Kakun.

Our guiding principles

Every decision at Kakun is guided by a set of principles that ensure health, comfort, reduced footprint, and above all, excellent sleep.

Our products are built to last.

Each Kakun product is made with durable and ethically gathered natural ingredients: breathable cotton, wool and latex. This is one of the most important aspects of our business model, helping to break the cycle of disposing and replacing sleep products so frequently.

Our sleep solutions do no harm.

We use only ingredients that are free from harmful chemicals that can hurt you, the environment, and those who manufacture them. This includes not compromising on fair wages or healthy working conditions for the people creating your Kakun Ecosystem. Everyone succeeds and that feels pretty darn good.

Sleep education and advocacy are our passion.

We value nourishing sleep, and campaign for preserving and promoting a great night’s slumber. We see a culture where it is being valued less and less and is in danger of being lost from its place of importance. We are here to keep the message of the value of sleep going out into the world.

We believe in exceptional customer service.

Listening deeply is one of the greatest gifts we can give one another. Taking the time to explore which solutions will work best for each customer is our greatest reward.