The team at Kakun wants you to get the most from our products so you get the best sleep possible.

If you have any questions that aren’t covered on this website or the FAQ below, please do not hesitate to [get in touch]. We’ll answer your questions and make sure we share the answers with the entire Kakun community.

What is your return policy?

Body pillows and cases are considered to be personal items. When returned in the original packaging and unused within 60 days, Kakun body pillows may be exchanged or fully refunded. For exchanges, Kakun will cover the cost to reship the new product to the customer. The customer is responsible for shipping back the original, unused product to Kakun. For unused returns, a full refund will be issued minus the return shipping cost paid by the customer.

What should I do if I have a concern with my product?

Please reach out to our customer service department at 1-844-855-7378.

How should I wash my body pillowcase so it lasts?

We recommend washing your case in cold water with an earth-friendly detergent to extend the life of the organic cotton fabric. Air drying is preferred but if you need to machine dry, do so at a low temperature.

Are your products hypoallergenic?

Our cotton and wool are carefully curated and are considered to be hypoallergenic for most people. Eco-friendly wool is considered to be dust mite resistant, which is ideal for those suffering from asthma and dust allergies.

Can I wash my wool body pillow?

If you need to clean your pillow, spot clean gently using cold water and eco-friendly soap. You can air out your pillow on a hot summer day—the heat of the sun will help revive the fiber.

What is sunning? How does it work?

Placing wool bedding to refresh in the sun on a hot summer day is known as sunning. The ability of the sun to bleach and sanitize is an often overlooked practice. Read our blog to learn more about this wonderful natural cleaning option.

I struggle with wool and itchiness? Will the body pillow be itchy?

The Kakun body pillow is covered with two layers of lustrous GOTS certified cotton, which prevent your skin from coming into direct contact with the wool batting inside.

Is it normal for my body pillow to flatten?

Compression is natural and wool filling will compress with use, between 3% and 20%. It is completely normal. Compression of the wool doesn’t affect the performance of the body pillow.

How long will it take to receive my product?

We will connect with you within 72 hours of processing your order with more accurate lead times. You will receive an email notification of the shipping carrier and tracking number for information on the arrival of your package. Please note that we do our best to stock most items and are ordering regularly to reduce lead times where we can. Lead time on body pillows and cases (not in stock) is two to four weeks.

What should I do if my body pillow ends up on the floor?

Continue using it. With practice, it will stay with you longer. Your body will thank you for the benefit of alignment and support, even if for just a few hours at a time to start.